Next Steps

Next Steps

Cohousing opens the door to a wealth of good times, great friends, and amazing new experiences as part of an intentional community. However, it’s a big step for any household to make, and prospective new members need to spend time getting to know us and better understanding the details of what we collectively envision for our new cohousing community!

Learn More

  1. The first step is to look inward and learn more about cohousing in general, and Wake Cohousing specifically to see if you might be a good fit. Questions to ask to see if this might be a good fit…
  2. Learn more about our Acorn Creek Cohousing Community:
  1. Learn more about Cohousing:

Educate yourself about cohousing! Read, for example, Creating Cohousing (Durrett and McCamant) and in particular The Senior Cohousing Handbook (Durrett), both available at many libraries. The latter is the only book in English on this subject, and we consider it a must-read.

  1. Assess your financial situation – Can you afford this step? Our expectation is that houses will ultimately cost $350,000+ (depending on your floor plan, etc.)
    • Talk to a realtor about the value of your current house
    • Talk to a mortgage broker/personal banker about your loan options (hint: use terminology of “condo” rather than “cohousing”)

Information Sessions

Starting in early 2020, our goal is to hold regular Information Sessions.  If you would like to meet us, learn more about our cohousing project, and find out how to join us as a future neighbor, we recommend that you attend an upcoming information session.  In the meantime, email us at to let us know if you have an interest in attending one or any questions you may have .

Hang Out With Us!

Starting in October 2019, our goal is to [beyond our Information Sessions] create opportunities for you to spend time with us and learn more about our members and their interest in cohousing and life! In the meantime, email us at to let us know if you have an interest in attending one of these social sessions.