We’re Looking to Make Cohousing a Reality in Wake County

We’ve found land!!!

Imagine Acorn Creek Community

Imagine a neighborhood of homes clustered around a lovely green commons. From here wide pedestrian paths lead to a large house that has many amenities, including a large kitchen and a great room, where you and your neighbors occasionally share meals, activities, and celebrations.

Imagine having a bunch of people around who are generally your age, who share many of your values, and are seeking concrete ways to live them out. People who are eager to connect, do things, and have fun.

Cohousing residents enjoy it all: they have as much privacy as they want in their own homes, and as much community as they want, just by walking out their front door.

Drawing of plans for Acorn Creek property indicating lots and pond.

Cohousing is a Community-based Housing Model

Cohousing neighborhoods are made up of privately owned houses/townhouses clustered around shared green space and a large “Common House” with extensive amenities, often including guests suites, workshops, laundry, and a large kitchen and dining room where residents can share meals and celebrations. Shared outdoor space may include parking, walkways, open space and gardens. Neighbors often share resources (tools, bikes, etc.) while maintaining independent lifestyles.

Happy group of cohousers gardening together.